Friday, 17 February 2012

Results for Senior Ceili, Figure & Ceili Club

Senior Ladies Ceili Result
1st - Scanlon
2nd - Ceim Oir
3rd - Doherty
4th - Ui She
5th - Ui She
6th - Mona Ni Rodaigh
7th - Mulvenna
8th - Ard Rialla O'Donoghue
9th - Griffin Lynch
10th - Doherty
11th - Elaine Kavanagh
12th - Denogla

Senior Mixed Ceili Result
1st - McGing
2nd - Griffin Lynch
3rd - Coleman

Ceili Club Championship Result
1st - Flanagan O’Hare
2nd - Delaney

Ceili Club 4 Hand Result
1st - Delaney


Anonymous said...

Congrats to Ceim Oir!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Griffin Lynch were robbed of retaining their title in the figure competition, due to very suspect adjudicating.
Would love to know how the winners managed to make TWO very obvious mistakes even to the inexperienced eye and still claim 1st place.
ALL adjudicators should judge EVERY Competition fairly or not at all.
Perhaps at least TWO adjudicators should be seated at a higher level as well.

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